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Love and Adventures

The sky is not the limit #rocketfuelinmyvirtualjetpacks

“Beautiful, awe inspiring, precious life - I choose not to waste it. I am going to use all my energies to develop myself, to expand my heart out to others, to come step by step closer to enlightenment through my journey of adventures for the benefit of all beings. I’m going to have kind thoughts towards others and i’m going to help and inspire others as much as i can.” ~ free after His Holiness The Dalai Lama

Workshop for ZDF / Visiting Mainzelmännchen

We had very productive two days at Lerchenberg in the ZDF studios with an intimate internal group of curious VR Newbies. The participants that chose the workshop opportunity are working in different fields at the TV channel throughout all hierarchies. 

It was a precious learning to see the very different approach film professionals have to VR and 360 compared to groups with design, art or games background who i regularly work with. I'm utterly inspired every time i get to see newbies embracing the possibilities of VR with todays tools. The feeling when you just intro them to a bunch of easy to use, rapid prototyping options to create/iterate quick and dirty VR content is every time again eye opening and pure goosebumps for me. This moment when you step into a Virtual World they made up that you have never seen nor imagined it would ever exist. I'm extremely happy and blessed getting to work with and coach so many extraordinary creative people in storytelling/living and what's next in interacting with virtual worlds. I enjoy every day learning and exploring where VR can take us and whats next to experience. 

Sara VoglZDF