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“Beautiful, awe inspiring, precious life - I choose not to waste it. I am going to use all my energies to develop myself, to expand my heart out to others, to come step by step closer to enlightenment through my journey of adventures for the benefit of all beings. I’m going to have kind thoughts towards others and i’m going to help and inspire others as much as i can.” ~ free after His Holiness The Dalai Lama

VR / 360° Workshops at Goethe Institut Sao Paolo and Salvador, Brazil.

We were invited by the Goethe Institute to come to Brazil for intercultural exchange in one of my favourite subjects - creation of Virtual Worlds and 360 Video. This opportunity sparked a lot of excitement not only because Brazil was always on one of the top places of my travel list but especially because i adore the open minded creativity, rich culture and strong connection to nature and spirits that seems to be integrated to everyday life to a much greater extend then i’m used to - at least that's what i got from my research - and i was stoked to get into conversation about that.

The thing i’ve recently heard about most though when it comes to Brazil and the south american continent is the shift to the right in politics and how this affects ppls lives, the diversity and culture, the forth living of the amazonas, the biodiversity and the richness of land that is still nurturing our planet. So i was prepared for experiencing a torn apart society, negativity and depression - just to be proven very wrong - and being mind blown by the creativity and enthusiasm for Immersive Realities from locals that had little to no prior experience with the subject.

So we packed our bags feeling very honored by the invitation from Goethe Institute Sao Paolo and Salvador to give a two day Workshop in each city. We were asked to talk about our work in the fields of Virtual Reality Experience Design and 360° filmmaking with local creators and startups in the XR space. After an introduction, tuning into the group and evaluating the needs of participants we extended the theory with the praxis. That meant forming groups to generate 360 film prototypes around promising ideas which resulted from a brainstorming session and topics the creators wanted to experiment with. The filming was done quick and easy with Go Pro Fusion cameras after a concept and rough script was developed by the creators. While we were stitching and editing the content together participants got a good impression of workflows and a rapid prototyping cycles. We had very satisfying moments watching the creations on Oculus Gos at the of the two days.

If this sounds like something you would like to experiment with, feel free to reach out - i’m happy to work out a concept for your institue/company/class.

Sara Vogl